While Alex Leith was writing his novel Neri Vizgoi La Loglandias - First Visit to Loglandia, he and JCB carried on an e-mail dialog in which points of grammar and usage were discussed. It was part of a training for Alex, who had been named CEO, in 'fine-tooth combing' of the work of others prior to publication. I think these extensive comments are useful to logli in general, although rather voluminous for publication in La Logli. I have therefore decided to publish them on at www.loglan.org, one at a time, until all are available. There are an additional seventeen chapters unreviewed by JCB, which it is intended to publish in La Logli, and such comments as I have I will add here. In due course I will be adding the Loglan and English version of the complete novel. As the English translations were incomplete before Alex's passing, I have supplied my own translations, which are more literal than his, though still quite free.

The currently available texts are as follows:

Robert A McIvor