Xanthippe's Story

When Xanthippe heard Grom's remark to us, she laughed.
"Certainly, I know that's true" she said. "When I was studying at University, I worked there during a summer break, picking grapes. That was very hard work, because of the slopes in that valley. So, in the evening we all were drinking wine. Later, we awoke with headaches and bloodshot eyes."
"Did you learn any Casleun", I said "I am very interested in Casleun"
"In fact, C is a very pretty language. One needs a great musical talent to learn C. Alas, I can't remember even the most simple melody" said Xanthippe.
"I certainly know that", said Sally, laughing, "I have heard you when you sing in the shower."
Xanthippe stuck out her tongue at Sally.
"Let's be serious", Xanthippe said to me. "There are many interesting legends of the people of Whistle Mountain." I intend to tell you the story of the origin of the mountain."
Xanthippe continued:
"In the beginning of the cosmos, only the stars existed. And God commanded each star to position itself in its special place. Most stars went to their place, and stayed there. However, there was a very young star, that loved music, and whistled continuously, and did not hear God's command.
"The young star wandered, and looked for a place where it could stay. The universe developed and formed planets. The young star continued to wander, and was sad and lonely. Because of its sorrow, it could no longer whistle. Its light diminished and its eyes filled with tears so it could not see, and it collided with Earth.
"The young star stayed there, and could not move, and cooled. And it stayed there for many centuries. The earth developed, plants grew, and animals were born. And one day, a bird sang, and the young star, that was then a mountain, heard it. And it remembered music, and started to sing with the bird.
"The valley filled with birds, and the mountain happily sung and whistled. Humans came from their place of origin to the valley. They heard the whistling of the birds and the mountain, and they began to whistle. While other humans were learning to talk with words, the Whistle Mountain people use melody. And that is the origin of Casleun"
"Excellent", said Sally, "That is a very pretty story. You can't sing, but your story-telling has soul"
"When a Casleun speaker says 'mutce bilti', he says 'muuuuutce bilti'", Xanthippe replied. Her voice tone rose from low to high.
The waiter gave us the menu, and we discussed the food.
Grom said "Alex, have you already tried Loglandian goose liver pâté?"
"Not yet", I said, shaking my head, "But I remember that you told me about it, when we visited your parents. I would like to try a little bit"
"Good idea" said BabyJane, "I I intend to order that also. If someone eats goose liver pâté, then his companion should eat it as well. The two will have the same dream. The magic fungus that it contains causes the prettiest dreams.
"After the goose liver pâté", Xanthippe said, "you should try the baby eel. It is very young eel, and is cooked for lovers, so that all their babies will be handsome."
All my friends laughed, however BabyJane blushed, and said "You only think about babies. Why haven't you not made any yet with Grom?"
Hero and Marble wagged their tails.
BabyJane and I ate goose liver pâté, and then tried the eel, which was cooked in a spicy sauce. All of us finished the meal with chocolate cake made with rum. And everything had a very pleasing taste. I noticed that I had never eaten anything equal in taste to that chocolate cake. Because of its sweetness, it seemed to me that mi head and all my body was dissolving in sweetness. The lights of the square, the trees, and the people walking in the square, in short everything I saw was brilliantly coloured. The conversation of my friends was interesting and witty. Everything was extraordinary.
BabyJane looked at me and said "I think that the effects of the magic fungus have started, haven't they?"
I thought that her remark was strangely comic, and laughed for five minutes, and could not stop laughing until my stomach muscles ached. My friends smiled, because they knew the effects of the magic fungus.
"Now it's time to go home", said BabyJane, "and we will go to sleep and dream."
So we said goodbye to our friends, and went home. I believe that BabyJane and I had the same dream, but I don't remember what it was. Nevertheless, I know that it was beautiful.