A Nasty Surprise

The new issue of the New Scientist, a British science periodical, was delivered to the laboratory, as usual. In a section devoted to many small articles, I read 'The monster defence company Rockwell published that they were investigating a living computer, an electrically responsive fungus. Many powerful possibilities are expected for it. The company is optimistic. No other details were published.
I showed the article to BabyJane, and she was furious.
"Damn that rat Professor Smith, that stole the fungus. Damn you too, for letting him do it".
"Don't blame me for that. How was I to know he was not a genuine professor?"
"You should have thought of that, Stupid. That fungus belongs to Loglandia, not the United States. You know that I was investigating something of extreme value for Loglandia. The fungus was the exclusive property of Loglandia and now is not. I am raging."
I tried to hug her, but she pushed me away. "Vuygrofi*", she said. "You certainly are to blame".
I continued my work, and hoped she would soon calm down. I was worried about the loss of the fungus piece. Big American companies have more capital than Loglandia.
BabyJane spoke on the telephone for a long time with someone from the prime minister's office, and I heard that he tried to calm her down, and gradually succeeded. She discussed patents, and the possibility of using a detective, and suing Rockwell for scientific and commercial spying.
After that, BabyJane did not want to talk, and we worked almost completely silently all afternoon.
I arranged to meet Grom and JohnWayne at the White Rabbit that evening. I walked for a long time with Hoover before meeting JohnWayne. When I arrived at the White Rabbit, Grom and JohnWayne were already sitting there, drinking beer. I sat by JohnWayne and explained the problem to him. He said, reassuringly, "Yes, BabyJane easily gets enraged, but it does not last long. It's better for you two to stay apart a few hours and she will calm down".
"It was bad luck for you", said Grom, "that someone stole the fungus". However, you did not lose everything. You already have developed and educated Frederf very much. "Yes, happily,", I said, "I just remembered something important. Professor Smith did not steal Frederf, just Fred. In detail, the piece that he stole was only fungus. That incubator will but did not contain algi. Fred cannot do everything that Frederf can.".
"Then I certainly hope you will take Frederf to another place, and not publish its location. I am certain that the government will help you to protect the site" said JohnWayne. Hoover growled and barked softly.
When I returned to our apartment, BabyJane hugged me violently.
"I'm sorry, forgive me dearest" she said. I was worried, and wanted to kick something. Unfortunately, you were here, and were hurt.
I hugged her, and we kissed each other. Hoover wagged his tail (or he shook his head, who knows).
I told BabyJane everything that I discussed about Frederf, with Grom, and JohnWayne, and she told me that the government had suggested the same thing.
We are expected to take Frederf and the computer and everything else necessary to a castle situated in the countryside, used for training the Loglandian commando group.
"Alas", I said, "I don't like weapons and passes". Frederf also doesn't like them. Frederf needs free access to the Web. Anyway, they have always thought that humans were crazy, and I don't want them to become depressed again.
"Certainly. I understand everything you said" she said, "However, because of Professor Smith (damn him), Loglandia is at war with Rockwell. We will win over it. I promise you that."
"I hope that you are right. However, I know that Frederf's development will not be restrained. They are now quite happy, and blossoming like a flower."
"Yes, I know. I know too that you love them", she said. "We must explain to them what has happened. They will probably advise us what we should do. Don't think about it any more. Lets go to bed".
Naturally, I quickly agreed.
* An old Xian abusive word usually addressed to dogs