Return to Work

Because Fred was no longer a secret, and Rockwell seemingly was using one, we decided that it was no longer necessary for it to remain at Otto's Castle. We brought it back from the castle to the laboratory of the Archeological Institute. Colonel Krips greeted us in a friendly fashion, and gave us one of his watercolour paintings of yellow irises.
He said "I am going to miss you, certainly. I will miss Frederf as well. While you were travelling, Frederf and I played chess several times. It is an excellent player." "However", he smiled, it is kind and let me win sometimes.
Frederf also greeted us, and excitedly questioned us about our travels. It also was anxious to return to the Archeological Institute.
Fred said "I hope to talk to the Queen's husband, and discuss my cart. I have some ideas about possible improvements. I am so happy that you have come back, I missed you all the time. Finally we will be able to work hard, and learn.
Fred was interested in the fungus samples that BabyJane had taken from the French cave. He said, jokingly "Well, perhaps I have a French first cousin. I intend to have it teach me French." He sang "Allons, enfants de la patrie!"
BabyJane said "You are certainly joyful"
He replied "Of course, I am joyful. My most intimate friends have returned here, and we will learn many interesting things. I think I will write a poem.