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This pricelist is out of date, and is only kept for historical and reference purposes. Many of the materials are now available online (Loglan 1, the dictionary, and the language cassettes for example.) While other items (memberships and the newsletter) are no longer offered.


There is a 50% Member's Discount. Prices are listed Without/With this discount. Please add $4.00 to each order for surface Postage & Handling. If airmail shipment is required, please ask us about the extra cost. California residents please add 7.75% sales tax to the price of the merchandise. Orders are accepted by mail, or phone. Payment may be made in U.S. funds by check, credit card, or debit card. Please make out checks to The Loglan Institute. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. Debit cards must not require the customer to be present with a Password Code.
  1. BOOKS


Loglan 1: A Logical Language

by James Cooke Brown, 4th Edition, 1989; 599pp. A general introduction to and description of the Loglan language, the 4th Edition is twice the size of the 3rd, reflecting the growth of the language since 1975 and a much higher degree of descriptive completeness, as well as the inclusion of pronunciation guides, word- and affix-lists, and a new chapter on testing the Whorf hypothesis. An L1 Updater documenting all changes in the language between 1989 and 1996 is available for $2; just order La Logli 96/1.

Loglan 3: Understanding Loglan

by Stephen L. Rice. New in 1997, this teaching text--or "primer"--was first published serially in La Logli. L3 will appear in book form later; but its 1st Edition is a set of the three 80-page issues of La Logli that contain it. It is also available for download as an Adobe Acrobat document.

Loglan 4 & 5: A Loglan-English/English-Loglan Dictionary

collated by JCB, 2nd Edition, 1975; 510pp. Strictly speaking, this 1975 volume is out of date (for a current dictionary, see the Loglan Online Dictionary, below) but is still useful as a word-source when supplemented by materials found in L1.

Notebook 3: The Present State of the Loglan Language

by JCB, 1987, 217pp. A once out-of-print notebook filler now being reprinted in short pressruns. This is the best account of the formal structure of Loglan currently available. N3 includes many structural details not found in L1 or L3.


MacTeach 1: Forming Loglan Utterances

by Robert A. McIvor, Evelyn R. Anderson, and JCB, Version 1.1, 1994. This computer program uses the "learning ladder" technique developed at The Institute in 1977 to teach both utterance formation and vocabulary acquisition. M1 comes supplied with an input file of about 400 utterances. These allow the learner to progress from grammatically simple messages to utterances of intermediate complexity. M1 comes in two versions:

MacTeach 2: Learning Loglan Words

by RAM, Glen B. Haydon, and JCB, Version 2.1, 1994. This program uses the same learning ladder method employed in M1. It helps the learner master long lists of vocabulary items with minimum overlearning, and therefore with least effort. M2 comes supplied with an input list of primitive predicates and some scientific primitives, more than 1000 items in all.

MacTeach 2a: Learning Loglan Words, Flashcard Approach

by Richard Kennaway, Version 1.0a1, 1990. This more structured approach is based on an article on "Flashcard Management" by JCB which appeared in The Institute's journal, The Loglanist, for June 1977. M2a is an alternative to M2; so don't buy both programs unless you want to study the two approaches. M2a uses the same input list as M2.

MacTeach 3: Learning Loglan Affixes

by RAM, GBH, and JCB, Version 2.1, 1994. M3 uses the same learning ladder approach that is used by M1 and M2, but for learning affixes rather than words or utterance-forms. Affixes are the 3-letter combining forms--very numerous in Loglan--out of which longer, "complex" words are made. Like M1 and M2, M3 helps the learner master long lists of items with least effort.

MacTeach 1-3: Learning Loglan Utterances, Words & Affixes

This is the entire set of MacTeach programs; you save $8 by ordering all 3 at once. When ordering the Macintosh versions of these programs, please specify whether you want M2 or M2a.

LIP, The Loglan Interactive Parser

by RAM, Scott L. Burson, and JCB, in addition to others who worked on the Machine Grammar Project between 1978 & 1982, Version 2.3, 1997. LIP comes loaded with the latest version of the formal grammar, now No. 83. It will produce a grammatical analysis ("parse tree"/sentence diagram) of any grammatical sentence submitted by the user. LIP can also parse a text file, either utterance-by-utterance or all at once, allowing writers to correct their texts until they get them right. LIP is therefore a useful tool for any aspiring Loglan writer as well as an indispensable one for a teacher or editor. Updates are issued as the grammar changes and are announced in Lognet.

LOD, The Loglan Online Dictionary

by everyone and edited by RAM, Version 1.2, 1998. This "electronic book" was first released in 1993 and is still being expanded. It incorporates the Institute's work of the mid-80's, when the Loglan vocabulary was solidly interfaced with English, Spanish, French, and German; it also includes a large number of scientific words, thus illustrating the borrowing algorithm, and is about 3 times the size of L4&5. Currently LOD has about 10,000 entries on the Loglan side and 15,000 on the English side. As a user of this software, you can actually participate in its development. New editions emerge 1 or 2 times a year, incorporating user edits and additions.


Buyers of any Institute software have perpetual update privileges. Currently the update fee is $5, return postage included, for any number of software updates that we can execute at one sitting. To get this price, you must return the original distribution disks; so please retain them.


Listening to the sounds of Loglan at accoustically idle moments--for example, while shaving or driving--has proved an invaluable aid to learning Loglan. On these two cassettes, all the Loglan sentences in Chapters 2-6 of Loglan 1 are plainly pronounced by two competent readers. Users report that, after only 10 or 20 hours of listening, they are frequently able to produce this entire corpus of Loglan utterances correctly.

Cassette 1: Readings from Loglan 1, Chaps 2-4

Presents two voices, a woman's and a man's, speaking all the specimen sounds, words, and numbered utterances appearing in Chapters 2, 3 & 4 of Loglan 1, 4th Edition. The speakers are JCB and Jennifer Fuller Brown. Approximately 70

Cassette 2: Readings from Loglan 1, Chaps 5,6

The same two speakers made this second recording of the more advanced words and utterances of the then-new Loglan 1. On this cassette they speak all the numbered utterances and specimen words that appear in Chapters 5 & 6. Approximately 80 minutes.


All Our Software:

M1-3, LIP, & LOD. If for the Macintosh, specify M2 or M2a.

Everything We Make

This most comprehensive of our product bundles includes all our books, software, and cassettes, specifically L1, L3, L4&5, N3, M1-3, LIP, LOD, C1-2 and whatever issue of LL contains the latest L1 Updater. If the software is to be used with the Macintosh, please specify M2 or M2a. Also, please specify the hardback (HB) or paperback (PB) dictionary; with this bundle you may have either.


The Loglan Institute publishes two serials: Lognet, a periodical distributed gratis to its members but also available to non-members by subscription; and La Logli, an occasional journal subscribed to "by deposit", the cost of each issue being deducted from each subscriber's balance.


Lognet is a "thirdly" (normally issued 3 times a year) directed primarily to members of The Institute but now available to non-members; see rates below. Each issue of Lognet contains news about the language and the activities of the Loglan community, letters from members, proposals for adding new words or features to the language, discussion of such proposals and the actions taken, and usually a fresh instance of Loglan text: a poem, story, essay, or playlet. Members are apprised in LN of new learning tools as they develop, of new publications, of software upgrades, and of meetings among logli. You will also learn of opportunities to join the team of volunteers who work on Institute projects and publications. Members receive LN automatically by paying dues; see "Membership" below. Non-members pay $12 for a one-year subscription, or $4 an issue, payable in advance. Non-members who do not reside in the U.S. should add $2 a year for 1st-class postage if they live in Canada or Mexico, $4 a year if they live overseas. The extra cost of sending Lognet to foreign members is absorbed by The Institute. Backcopies of LN are available at $1.00 each. Currently there are 22 issues in print. Please add $4 for P & H to each order, even if only for backcopies.

La Logli

La Logli is a descendant of our 1976-1985 occasional journal, The Loglanist. Its present name, La Logli, means "The Loglander". La Logli is published in an 80-page small-book format and therefore contains longer, mainly scholarly articles in the field of Loglan studies, longer Loglan texts than will fit easily into Lognet, and an occasional L1 Updater...the most recent one of these appeared in LL 96/1. Also, Steve Rice's Loglan 3: Understanding Loglan was first published in three consecutive issues of LL: 97/1-2 and 99/1. (There was no LL in 1998.) Publication dates are determined by "fill-up", i.e., when an 80-page issue fills up, we publish it. Subscription is by deposit. To receive La Logli, each subscriber keeps an adequate supply of U.S. funds on deposit with The Institute, and the cost of each issue is deducted from his/her balance. Costs reflect both the length of the pressrun--i.e., the current number of LL subscribers plus overage--and the subscriber's country of residence. The price each subscriber pays is always shown on the back of the issue, where it can be easily compared with the balance remaining in the subscriber's account, a figure always shown on our mailing labels. LL subscribers may thus remind themselves to make new deposits when their current balances fall below the probable cost to them of the next issue. La Logli currently costs U.S. residents $2.70 an issue (which includes 20c bulk postage), other North Americans pay $3.50, and overseas subscribers pay around $3.70 an issue for surface delivery. If an overseas subscriber wishes airmail service, s/he must tell us and be prepared to pay between $4.90 and $5.40 for each issue, depending on the country. Unless instructed not to do so, we send LL to non-U.S. subscribers by surface mail. Backcopies of LL that do not contain L3 are $2.00 each. To non-members the price of backcopies containing L3 is $5.00, while members may buy the full 3-volume set of L3 for just $7.50; see above. Remember to add $4 per order for P & H even when consisting only of backcopies.



The Institute still has a number of reprints of the original (June 1960) Scientific American article "Loglan". Though nearly 40 years old, this article still gives a remarkably faithful account of the spirit and goals of the Loglan project.

Autumn Bulletin

This 18-page bulletin was originally issued in October 1989 and still describes the organization of The Institute, the goals of its "Going Public Again", and the kinds of participation that are available to members.

Backcopies of The Loglanist

Eight of the 21 issues of this 1976-84 journal are still in print. TL was the repository of the numerous inventions and linguistic analyses made during this period. You may buy complete in-print sets for $1 a copy, so the present cost of such a set is $8 plus $4 for P & H if ordered alone. If you wish to use our masters to make copies of out-of-print issues, write for facsimiles of the titlepages and make your selections.


Membership is open to any bona fide supporter of The Loglan Institute and is the most direct way of supporting the language. Four levels of membership are available. For

dues are
Patrons (coded'P' on your mailing label), $200+ per biennium
Sustainers (coded 'S'), $100 per biennium
Regular Members (coded 'M'), $50 per biennium
Reduced dues, (coded'R'),
  i.e., students or retired persons,
$25 per biennium

We collect your first dues for a two-year period, which enables us to offer you a large discount while you are still a new member. After that you may pay your dues on any schedule. Select the level of membership that suits you. We ask members who wish to pay Reduced dues to provide a photocopy of your ID, if a student, or of a driver's license or other document showing date of birth, if retired.

We spend $12.50 of your dues annually on Lognet and other membership services. The rest of your dues are a gift to The Institute and may be claimed as a deduction in paying U.S. Income Tax. Once you have decided that you want to stay a member of The Institute, the most convenient way to pay your dues is to direct your bank to make an automatic transfer of your selected dues to our account on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. To do this, you need only know our bank's routing number, which is 122-234-822, and The Institute's account number, which is 322-361-201, and then sign an order at your bank to start the payments. More and more of our members are using this new electronic transfer facility. For a member, it is a memory-independent way of paying dues, and for The Institute, it saves the work of sending out reminders. Another memory-independent way of paying dues is to make a large deposit with us and instruct us to deduct your dues payments from it either annually or biennially as you elect.

Members' Discount:

Members currently enjoy a discount of 50% off the list price of all Institute goods except backcopies of our serials. The 50% discount on all other goods is guaranteed to continue through the year 2000. After that the Members' Discount may be lower, but there will always be one and it will never be less than 20%.


Persons wishing to teach classes or organize study-groups in Loglan, or to make Loglan materials available to their students in allied subjects--e.g., logic, computer science, linguistics, mathematics, English or some other modern language--may expect large discounts from The Institute. Books will be made available to such groups or classes at between 50% and 25% of list price when purchased in quantity, the exact price depending on the goals of the teacher and the level of commitment of the students. Software and cassettes may be freely copied by members of such groups once a single master copy has been purchased for their group.

Bookstores wishing to order 5 or more copies of any of our books may do so at a 50% discount and the usual return privileges. Consignment arrangements may also be made. Inquiries from booksellers, distributors, and publishers are also welcome. Licenses are available to those who wish to use our materials to develop other products.

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