Loglan Learning Materials

Readings from Loglan 1

Below are links to .mp3 versions of the two language cassettes that The Loglan Institute has been selling. These feature James and Jenny Brown speaking most of the examples from the textbook Loglan 1. There's about two and a half hours of material here.

These recordings are Copyright ©1984-2009 by The Loglan Institute. All rights reserved. You my download one copy for yourself for personal use. If you would like to make these files available to other people, please direct them to this web page.

These files are encoded as podcast quality mp3s. To my ears at least, there wasn't much difference in understandability from the original. (Compare the Pronunciation Guide to the high quality version, which is over twice as big.) Please let me know (djeimz AT megaseattle DOT com) if you think it should be done differently.

The page numbers referred to on these recordings refer to the paper version of the 1984 edition of Loglan 1.

Copyright © 2009 by The Loglan Institute. All rights reserved.