Paradigm F: Variables

Forms: Variables correspond to the pronouns of English and are of seven forms, as below. In addition, any variable may be subscripted by using the infix -ci- between it and any Quantifier (Paradigm H), any Alphabet Word (Paradigm M), or any other variable.
Singular Plural
Set Multiple
I mi
I, youmumo
I, other(s)miumio
I, you, other(s)muumuo
you, other(s)tuutuo
3rd Person, Definite
daX/the Xs/he/she/it/him/her/they/them
deY/the Ys/he/she/it/him/her/they/them
diW/the Ws/he/she/it/him/her/they/them
doH/the Hs/he/she/it/him/her/they/them
duQ/the Qs/he/she/it/him/her/they/them
3rd Person, Indefinite
basomeone/something x
besomeone/something y
bosomeone/something h
busomeone/something q
tithis tathat
toithat remark previously mentioned toathis remark about to be mentioned
tiothat situation previously mentioned taothis situation about to be mentioned
duais / does (the former) duiis / does (the latter)
buathis buithat
Subscripted Forms: dacine = ‘X-sub-1’; micitu = ‘me-sub-you’; deciama = ‘Y-sub-A’; etc.
Note: Any of the Alphabet Words of Paradigm M may be used either as variables or as “constants”, i.e., variables with an arbitrarily constant designation.