Paradigm A: Signs & Punctuation Marks

Words which have optional non-phonemic representations in written Loglan and which correspond roughly to the punctuation marks and mathematical signs of English are listed here. Other non-phonemic signs may be found in Paradigm H, Quantifiers; and Paradigm M, Alphabet Words.

bi[ = ]is (identity)
bie[ ∈ ]is a member of
cie[ < ]is less than
cio[ > ]is greater than
ci[_](open hyphen)
gie[[](left close bracket)
giu[]](right close bracket)
hie[(](left close parenthesis)
hi[,](close comma)
hiu[)](right close parenthesis)
kie[ (](left open parenthesis)
kiu[) ](right open parenthesis)
kua[/]over/divided by…
li[ «](left quote)
lu[» ](right quote)
nea[-]negative (sign of a negative number)
nio[ - ]minus/less (sign of subtraction)
niu[*]the incorrect Loglan…
pea[+]positive (sign of a positive number)
pio[ + ]plus/and (sign of addition)
pi[.](decimal point)
tia[ * ]times/multiplied by
y[-](close hyphen)
zoa[″]double prime