(From Lognet 95/2)

Sau La Takrultua Ce Purbuutua

By Robert A. McIvor

Some minor changes have been made to the preparser/lexer of LIP, but there has been no change in the grammar itself. The changes are concerned with the grouping of little words, and with permitting ze to link <argmods> and other modifiers.

The principal little-word change is the introduction of a new series of compounds composed of no+UI; all such strings will now be lexed as UI. Thus, putting no in front of any UI word will negate its sentiment, but will do so by forming what is lexemically just another UI word. Thus, Noai means I don’t intend to and has the same grammatical privileges as Ai. What this means morphologically is that any instance of no immediately preceding a UI word will be “gobbled up” by it; so in such contexts no will disappear as a separate word. The Lexeme NO in other positions will continue to be parsed normally. I.e. Ae no is still a two-word phrase meaning I hope it is not the case that. The edition of LIP with these new features is now available under the usual terms. [The Institute makes a $5 charge for updating all the software disks you care to send us at a single time.—JCB]

A new version of LOD should also be available by the time you receive this, although some (but not all) Macintosh users are still experiencing problems with the prototype of the new version. There have been a number of corrections made and new words and case-tag assignments added to LOD since the last version was issued. Macintosh users will also note that an “editor” has been built into the new LOD, enabling users to suggest and supply corrections of existing entries in a format suitable for immediate incorporation in the dictionary.

Alas, there have been no offers from Windows programmers to adapt our software for Windows (which would amount mainly to building an appropriate GUI (“Graphical User Interface”) for each program, as the processing code is common to both the DOS and the Mac versions of all our programs). Until that is done, the editor part of the LOD upgrade will not be available to DOS users. —Hue Bab