(From Lognet 92/2)


The grammarian is exploring improvements to the Lexer, which would enable LIP to recognize little word sequences (e.g. pa pa, le mi) which consist of constituents of compound little words—but written uncompounded—just as if they had been written in the normal compounded fashion. Such a capability would be required of a LIP which was receiving output from a continuous speech recognizer. This work is not expected to require any more than minor changes, if any, to the grammar. On the other hand, some proposals awaiting decision by the Keugru (when it can be reassembled) could involve small changes to the grammar.

—Hue RAM


The current chief programmer (at 67 and counting) would like to know:

  1. If there are many Loglanists who would be interested in Windows (or OS/2) versions of our program(me)s.
  2. If the answer to a) is yes, are there any Windows programmers out there that would like to tackle it?
  3. In any case, would any younger programmer like to be a backup to ultimately take over maintenance and development of Institute software? Ideally, da should be able to handle both Macintosh and DOS versions, since there is much common code. All of the distributed program(me)s are written in C.

—Hue RAM