From Lognet issue 90/2,

Sau La Sacdonsu (From the Start-Giver = Founder)

We have a paradoxical issue this time. One, we are late with the June issue; but the September issue is already done. So we’ve caught up while falling behind. Two, we received a lot of publishable letters this time...well over two dozen. But there was only room for one of them in this issue; most of the rest will be in the September issue, but some may have to wait until December! What’s happening is that the 20-page quarterly format is now too short to handle both the volume of mail we’re getting and the papers that are now coming in.

The solution is obvious. Lognet just isn’t big enough to handle our communications; so we’re going to have to start up the old TL again, only this time we’ll call it by its proper modern name, La Logli. I’ve already lined up its editor. We haven’t actually shaken hands on it yet, but I’m pretty confident that we’ll have the details all thrashed out and ready to announce in the September issue. By the way, I’ve already built up quite a stack of papers to hand over to our new journal editor, all too long for Lognet but just right for the new La Logli. So its first issue could well be out before Christmas.

Anyway, now’s the time to actually sit down and write those articles you’ve been thinking about doing for us.

This issue is a transition issue. My and Rex’s papers are really too long for it, and have squeezed out quite a few other nice things. Never mind. We’ll soon catch up and the new LL should make all the difference in future. All the long pieces can go into that periodical journal, and we’ll probably end up just doing letters and columns in the quarterly LN. Still, we have quite an interesting issue for you this time. There’s Part 1 of a long article by Rex May (starting on the next page) on what he feels are the “flaws” in Loglan morphology. Part 1 of my even longer answer to Rex starts on page 5. Then there’s Dr. McIvor’s report from the Keugru (Caregiving Group) on the solution to the two problems put forward last December (in LN89/1), more Nurvia Logla, and a short Lo Lerci. Then looking forward a bit, in the September issue there’ll be an article by Wes Parsons on translating the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution into Loglan, and what one learns by the exercise. There’ll also be an article by Dr. McIvor on “The Many Faces of Gu”, and the problems of “distal punctuation” generally. And finally, but certainly not least, there’ll be a long series of letters which will show the broad spectrum of our member’s interests in our language. For example, there’ll be Kathy Macedon and her project of teaching Loglan to youngsters. There’ll be Vince Sprague and his project of teasing out the logical structure of Loglan, and working up a set of logically good usages for us. There’ll be Stephen Rice’s defense of having more Loglan declensions from a planetary point of view. And many many more. There’ll also be Part 2 of both Rex’s paper and mine to round out the September issue.

One of the reasons we’re a bit late this time is that Rex May and his family moved from Indiana to Colorado during June. Everybody knows how a move disrupts things, so neither his cover cartoon nor the soft copy of his article arrived until July. I couldn’t imagine putting Lognet to bed without its funny face, and this particular issue had been planned around Rex’s article, so I decided to wait for both items. For personal reasons Rex is also stepping down as Editor. So this, too, left me with a bit of extra work. Rex tells me he’ll continue to contribute both artwork and commentary. Both will be welcome. In the meantime I’m talking to other aspiring editors. There are several lively candidates. By September, the masthead should be nailed down again.—JCB

Copyright © 1990 by The Loglan Institute. All rights reserved.

Thanks to Mike S. for proofreading the OCR files for this article.