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Notes on This HTML Edition

This HTML edition of Loglan 1: A Logical Language is intended to accurately reflect the 4th paper edition published in 1989 after all known errors have been fixed and changes to the language have been applied. The majority of the changes are in the word lists in the appendices. The formatting has been changed for the sake of reasonable HTML style, but is otherwise close to the original.

The printed edition of this book does not discuss changes to the structure of the language since 1989. For a record of such changes, please refer to the Loglan 1 Updater, compiled by Kirk Sattley and included here as Appendix H.

These pages make extensive use of tables to format the examples and therefore require an HTML 3 compatible browser. Since HTML 3 has been standard since 1996, that shouldn't be a hardship for most people.

In order to conform to reasonable HTML style, certain compromises have been made.

Please note that while chapters 2-6 and the appendices were prepared from the original files and ought to be immune to spelling errors that aren't in the original text, chapters 1,7, the front matter, and the bibliography were prepared with optical character recognition software which might have introduced additional errors.

All deliberate differences between this edition and the book are marked with HTML comments (which are invisible in the browser.) If you think you've found a mistake, be sure to look at the HTML source to see if it's deliberate.

While I have tried to be careful, certain errors are bound to creep in. Many thanks to Charles Gray for tracking down a lot of these. I would appreciate hearing about any additional errors you find, as well as any other constructive suggestions. Many thanks.

James Jennings

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