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Talking in Loglan

(An Experimental Speech Synthesis Page)

Unfortunately, this is a pre-Mac OS X hack. As far as I know, the "Talker" web browser plugin does not have an OS X equivalent. If someone knows of a way to pass text to Apple's Text-to-Speech software from a web page in Safari, please let me know.
It's still possible to hear these pages in OS X, it just isn't automatic. You just need to download the corresponding ".talk" file as if it were a text file (look for the link near the bottom of each page), open it in the "TextEdit" application, and then select "Edit -> Speech -> Start Speaking".

It's possible to have your computer speak Loglan for you. To do this you will need:

If you have all that, try one of the links below.

You can also write your own phonetic transcriptions of Loglan text.

Note that these samples are optimized for either Macintalk 3 or Macintalk Pro voices. (The two kinds of voices that come with System 7.5) You can choose which voice you are using with the "Speech" control panel.

Optimized for Macintalk 3 voices: ("Kathy", "Ralph", "Fred", "Princess", and others)
(Macintalk Pro voices sound terrible with these.)

Optimized for Macintalk Pro voices: ("Agnes", "Bruce", and "Victoria")
(Macintalk 3 voices sound ok with these.)

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