These are the programmes necessary for parsing Loglan text. The programme accepts Loglan text from the console or from a file. In the latter case, the text can be parsed sentence by sentence or as a whole. An incomplete version which has not been included will break Loglan text into syllables,or will accept Loglan text broken down into syllables for parsing, and reassemble the syllables into standard written form with punctuation. This version also accepts and expands acronyms, numbers, and punctuation marks (if desired) into words. I expect to do some more work on this before releasing the code. The parsing is based on a conflict-free YACC grammar, and the lexing is done within the programme, using a finite-state grammar.
As before, there are versions for both Macintosh and DOS. The programmes are as follows:
extval.h, maclip.h, and parse.h are header files.
liphelp is a text file giving on-line instructions for DOSLIP. It is not needed for the Macintosh version.
lextab is a file generated from YC1.TAB to supply data about lexeme classes and their members, used in the lexing process.
maclip.r is a resource file for the Macintosh version.
trial.85 is the YACC grammar currently in use.
YC.TAB and YC1.TAB are files generated by YACC and, like lextab, are needed for the compilation, but not for execution.
Maclip.c is the main file, specific for Macintosh.
ibmlip.c is the main file for DOS operation.
parse.c, pback.c, preparse.c and putil.c are common to both the
Macintosh and DOS versions. Preparse..c is prinicipally the lexer.